Monday, January 14, 2013

Princess & Pirate Party

Happy Monday everyone!  Although New Year's was only days ago, it seems like we are already planning for summer and fall.  School registration for the fall has already come home in the school bags and friends are already talking about how we are going to entertain the children this summer.  So I thought I would post some pictures from a Princess & Pirate Party that I did for my daughter's 5th birthday.  The Princess & Pirate theme is so fun and every child loves to be a princess or a pirate.  You don't neccesarily have to do this theme for a birthday.  You can incoporate it into a playdate or use it to plan a fun summer day in the yard.  Perhaps you will be in town over the spring break and you might want to have a Princess & Pirate playdate one day...I always love when my kids have friends over to play them something to do and me a chance to sit and watch them have fun...and thanks to the wireless world, I can even sit outside and do work on my computer!  Not up for hosting a house full of kids??  Do what I do....invite the moms too!  If you want to be creative you can serve the moms a Princess & Pirate Punch or set-up a wine bar.  A few snacks for the kids and there you have for everyone!  And there is always Domino's pizza if the children need lunch or dinner...who can resist dinner delivered right to your backyard!?!?  I made the tutu's out of tulle and elastic hair handbands but you can let the kids make their can pre-cut the tulle and let them sit and tie on the ribbons.  Bandana's are always fun and you can make a scavenger hunt for them to do as well.  Have all boys coming??  No problem...older boys can play capture the flag or younger ones can dig for treasures in a sandbox.  If you don't have a sandbox, you should seriously buy know those plastic ones by can play for hours in them!!  All the kids got bandana's to wear and I made tutu's for the girls as well.  I am not a big fan of cnady, so in their goody bags, the girls received hair bows that I hot glued rhinestones on, chocolate coins, organic lollipops and princess fuit snacks.  The boys received glow stick swords, graham cracker bones, chocolate coins and lollipops as well.  For snacks at the party, I had Buckets of Pirate Booty (You know that Cheese Doodle Snack) & Treasures of Fruit Loops.  We served fruit, grilled cheese and Pirate Face Fries (aka Smiley Face Potatoe Fries that I bought in the freezer section of my supermarket).  Cupcakes for dessert and there you have it...a succesful Princess & Pirate Party! 


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