Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Supper Club 2012

My husband and I have been part of a Supper Club for 7 or 8 years now.  We meet once a month with each couple hosting one month a year.  Some months are more formal dinners with fine china and good conversation amongst friends whereas some months we party into the wee hours of the morning.  We have done cookouts and tailgate themes and even game night.  Each year I try to give my guests a Dinner Experience.  It may be the main meal or the "House Drink" or it may be just the overall evening itself.  I  try to come up with a menu that is different...a menu that consists of food I may normally not coook or a recipe that pushes my cooking skills...(If I have any skills!)  I have cooked a Dr. Pepper Glazed Ham, Roasted pork chops with a bourbon-cider glaze, Pork Roast with sausage, fruit & nut stuffing, a Tenderloin of Beef and oh, yes there was the year I cooked a Standing Rib Roast for like 24 people and even with double ovens and an outdoor grill I think it was like 11 pm before we ate!!  Maybe its my crab cake appetizer that people really enjoy or the Cambert with Cranberries & Port.  Perhaps its the "House Drink" that people talk about or maybe the Chocolate Martini's that were appartently so good we slurped down one drink after another and we...well lets just leave it at that.  A signature I learned from my mom is party favors or a small gift at each person's place setting...it may be a box of cookies or a Christmas Ornament...it just depends on the time of year.  Sometimes I get my menu inspirations from the Food & Wine Magazine or a family recipe.  One year I was watching The Today Show and there was a chef who made several dishes but the soup recipe was not provided...so I spent 3 days tracking down the name of the Chef and where he worked and I got a hold of him at a Resort & Spa in Arizona and he happily had his assistant send me the recipe!  So here we are, and it's my turn to host supper club in November.  But my menu inspirtation has not hit me yet.  So, I thought I would reach out to the web and ask, "What should I cook for Supper Club?"  I am not sure how many readers I have...I think I have a few, maybe!?...hopefully!  But if you are reading this and you have a suggestion, I would love to hear from you!  Maybe it's a family recipe or a menu from our own Supper Club.  Food Trucks are all the rage...does anyone own a Food Truck they could pull up to my backyard?  Maybe you read a Food Blog and you saw an idea there.  Whatever or wherever, if you have a suggestion for my November Supper Club...please send it my way! 


  1. Chrissy10/11/2012

    What if you did a traditional Thankgiving Dinner Martha Stewart style. I don't actually read the recipes in her magazine but I love the way her table settings look. Another option is a deep fried turkey. We have a deep fryer so we could bring it over. You could have a bonfire outside for everyone to watch the turkey cook and drink hot chocolate and Baileys!

  2. Patrick H10/11/2012

    Todays Secret ingredient is....................................APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!