Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's time to BOO!

I love Halloween...ok, I really love every holiday.  But what I love most is my children love to get just as excited as I do and get involved in the decorating, baking and crafting.  Although I do custom design and printing for invitations, I love that my kids enjoy making cards for their friends.  So when it came time to make our "BOO" signs for our "You've Been Booed" deliveries, I offered to design and print the BOO signs.  However, my children insisted that they make the signs and design them themselves.  So, here we are....the cookies are baked and the BOO bags are ready.  It's too hard to pick just one friend to BOO, so we try to be the first ones to "Boo" and we BOO several friends to help get the tradition started.  We decorated white paper bags and attached the "BOO" signs with a little peel and stick sticky dot so our friends could easily remove the BOO card from their bag and display on their front door.  Now I know that my childrens art might not be exactly what my friends want hanging on their front door, but I can't resist the beauty of children's art.  I love watching children be creative and so proud of their works of art...what's a mother to do other than tell them what a great job they did and keep encouraging their creativeness. 

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  1. Anonymous10/08/2012

    Love this idea... Going to try it next year when The Bud is better with markers.. Very cute, girls... U did a great job.. Ps- Boo!!!