Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi!  For those of you who don't know me, I just recently turned 40!  And for those of you who follow my posts on Facebook, you know that it was this sort of dreaded anticipation of the big day.  What would the 27th square on my January calendar have in store for me?  People look at me and ask, "How did you get to be 40?"  Or they say, "40 is the new 30."  Then there were those that would say, "You don't look 40."  7 days before my 40th birthday, I was carded at the liquor store!  Ha!  As I approached the big 40, I had this sense of unsettlement.  Where am I with my life at 40?  I struggled alot with that question.  I mean afterall, when my mom and dad were 40, I was in high school.  I even inherited my mother's brand new Cadillac when I went to college with the license plate that said, 39 4evr.  Here I am at 39, my husband 42, and we have a 1 year old, a 5 year old and a 9 year old.  I mean, really, our youngest hasn't even started preschool...as a matter of fact, she is wait listed.  When my parents were 40, I was wait listed at college, not preschool!  Anyway, I was very frazzled about the big 4o.  My parents started off the month by throwing me a surprise party with my family.  It was a big surprise and very special.  Later in the month, my friends threw me a super fun party.  But still, I just couldn't get excited about my birthday.  How would I feel when I woke up and was 40?  As many of you know, I am a planner...I color code my calendar, I color code hangers, I color code files...I don't like there ever to be a question of what the plan is....I am not good at rolling with the punches or going with the flow.  And so I became increasingly more unsettled when no details of how I would ring in this big day were being inked on the 27th square of the January calendar.  I just wanted the birthday to go away.  But as we all know, we can't make time stand still...(although I am hoping all these expensive facial creams will make the aging process stand still)...time marches on.  And so the big 40 arrived.
Much to my surprise, it was a day full of surprises....so many surprises and so much excitment that it was actually one of the best days of my life!  My children know that real balloons scare me so they made paper balloons and hung them around the kitchen.  My mom and dad, and brothers and Hope and Aunt showing up in town to help celebrate the big day.  My husband gave me a cruise leaving 6 am the next day.  He arranged for everyone to go to dinner.  All these surprises and all this thought...It was at this moment that I was reminded, I am lucky.  So many people care about me and so many people wanted to make sure I had the best birthday.  I felt rich with love.  Rich with happiness.  Rich with laughter.  Rich with family and friends.  I felt lucky.  I felt very happy and I felt complete. 
So, here I am...the big 40.  What would I do in the next chapter of my life?  So I started to think.  I decided today to start a blog.  I thought that it was ironic that I decided to start this blog today and realized it was the 21st square on the calendar...lucky 21!  But what would I call my blog?  What would I blog?  So I started to think some more...I am married, I have 3 children and I work with my husband...yikes!  :)  But my passion is planning parties, Dinner parties, Birthday parties, Playdates...I like to plan my children's and my husband's lunch boxes.  I love to cook and bake and create crafty projects.  I like to make people feel happy.  When I plan a dinner or a birthday party or a playdate, I want people to walk away with a fun memory...a memory of a special detail or a memory of dresing up like princesses and having tea or a memory of making a keepsake craft project.  So I decided that is what my blog will be...I will share my little ideas, my party planning tips, my favorite recipes...except my cookie icing recipe...I will share my creative ideas in hopes of helping people create those same happy memories.  I will also share some of my everyday life...another fear of mine is being alone...I don't like to be alone and I don't ever want anyone to feel alone...so sometimes I feel that if I share some story from my day, I will make someone else realize that they are not alone when their child throws a terrible tantrum right in the middle of the store.  I will share stories like when my 5 year old said to the worker at the house...excuse me, I think we have a problem...you are making the rug just a little dirty, I think you are going to need to clean that up.  Or when I drove into my garage for the 7th time in 5 months...did I really insist that I get this gigantic SUV?! 
But what would I call my blog?  I thought of a few names, but they were taken.  I started to think about some of my favorite things, my favorite colors...pink, blue, yellow....green...hmmm, green.  I began to think about green and what I love about green.  I thought about how I love the herb mint.  And then I got side tracked by this little voice inside of me saying, that was a mint of an idea.  I thought about the mint in my mom and dads garden and how it grows and grows and just prospers throughout the garden...so rich in color and fragrent in smell.  The smell of mint makes me happy.  I thought about how I aspire every year to grow mint in my garden just like my parents.  And there it was...The Minted Idea.  I hope to aspire people.  I hope to help you grow your ideas.  I hope you will help me grow and prosper as a planner.  I hope that you will follow along in the next chapter of my life and together we will continue to create, prosper and grow a Mint of an Idea.

Happy Planning!


  1. Love it! I can't wait to read more!

  2. Proud of you Heather..I look forward to reading your wonderful interpretation of "LIFE". Mary

  3. Heather, You were so worried about turning 40 that I was scared you were going to miss the magic of turning 40. It's like when people say, you don't know what it feels like to be a parent until you are one. Then you find out it's more amazing than you could every imagine.

    Can't wait to read more of your posts, you're a very good writer...maybe we need to start that event coordinating business??? - Chrissy