Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fun-dae

Happy Friday!  With the unseasonably warm weather and my preschooler home because of a teacher workday, we couldn't help but make these Friday Fun-dae's
So super simple and supper yummy, you can build off this idea to create your very own.  I used store bought ice-cream sandwiches and we cut them in half simply because I like a square shape better than a rectangle shape.  Then my 5 year old dipped the sides of the sandwiches in a bowl of sprinkles.  You could also use mini chocolate chips, coconut, crushed candy, diced strawberries or whatever your favorite ice-cream topping is.  The we topped the sandwiches with a cherry and stuck a pinwheel in it.  I stocked up on these pinwheels from Pier One Imports last summer...I have found Pier One Imports to have fun little drink decorations that I find to be multi-purposeful at a very reasonable cost.  In place of the cherry, you could use a sliced strawberry or a blue berry...the possiblities are in the hands of your imagination!  Happy Friday everyone!

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